Tisha Turner

A portfolio website for my wife, featuring galleries of her work, modified from a Start Bootstrap project.

Todo React

A simple todo app, created in React. Currently uses local storage to maintain data.

Twitch Time

Looks up several channels and indicates their current status, allowing the user to toggle only channels that are currently streaming.


A minimalistic dodging game, originally made for Ludum Dare 26. Move right and left to dodge, combine with and hit larger walls.

Windowless Weather

Simple weather web app that polls your local time and location and gives a pleasant display of the current weather with time-of-day specific colors.

Building Mars

A short turn-based game about building a sustainable colony on Mars, created for NASA’s Dark Side of the Jam, a 48 hour game jam.

Wikipedia Viewer

Simple page that searches Wikipedia using their API and displays the results in a cleanly styled list.